This web site was constructed and is maintained solely by the author. Other than the graphics, also made by the author with the exception of the Wiley logo, and a few CGI programs on the server which support Lesson 18 and the Feedback section above, this site is constructed using only HTML and JavaScript as presented in the text--- no other technologies are involved.

Features of this site:

  • The tabs at the top contain information about the text.
  • The Feedback tab provides submission options for various types of suggestions and comments.
  • The Lesson pages contain the following:
    • Each contains links to the web pages (source files) that generate the examples for that lesson. Also, all source files can be downloaded in a single batch via a link on the Home page.
    • Each contains links that pull up the actual figures for that lesson as they appear in the text. Also, all figures can be downloaded in a single batch via a link on the home page.
    • Most contain links to resources that support topics for that lesson.
    • Several contain links to resources that are needed for homework problems for that lesson.
    • Most will contain expanded homework exercises sets. The homework sets are not yet expanded, as this expansion will occur over time.
  • The Appendix pages A and B contain updated lists of HTML tags and JavaScript objects, respectively. The pages for Appendices C and D will probably have minimal content (or none) since I have not yet devised good purposes for these pages.