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This is not an online book, but rather course support materials for the Wiley text "Introduction to Interactive Programming on the Internet with HTML and JavaScript." ISBN:0-471-38366-x
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The book's figures and the source files that generate them are are given through links in the pages for the Lessons. Also, these resources are available for download via the links below. These downloadable files are particularly useful for classroom demonstration since they eliminate dependency upon a network connection.

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A Brief Overview of the Book

This book provides an introduction to programming on the internet that is intended for the general population. The content is not geared toward the "science-type" as are so many reference books and introduction to computer science books. It was developed as a general curriculum course through two years of classroom testing at Lake Forest College, a four year Liberal Arts College north of Chicago. The book is put together in such a way as to support a course or to be read independently. The only prerequisite is a general familiarity with computers. The reader who is familiar with word processing and surfing the web will be able to jump right in.

In short, this book covers the "nuts and bolts" of programming on the internet. To skillfully publish information on the internet, one must gain a proficiency with HTML and web page construction. To process information, one must learn programming fundamentals. The treatment of JavaScript in this book is geared toward supporting HTML forms in such a way as to teach programming fundamentals, especially objects. When used as a terminal course, the reader is introduced to programming and leaves with the ability to provide interactive capabilities to web pages. When used as a stepping stone, this book provides the reader with a sufficient programming foundation to allow pursuit of virtually any other programming endeavor on the internet. It is important to learn the fundamentals now so that one has the tools necessary to learn newer, emerging technologies as they become more commonplace. Simply put, this book contains those core fundamentals.