Domain Names and IP Addresses

These pages contain resources pertaining to domain names and IP addresses.

Internic -- The official source for domain name registration. This site lists accredited registrars of ".com" domains.
Network Solutions -- This is a good registrar, and is where I purchased www.cknuckles.com . You can see if a domain is already taken here.
www.checkdomain.com -- Not only will this site tell you if a domain is taken, but it will tell you to whom and where the domain is registered.
IP address/domain name converter -- Find the IP address associated with a given domain name. This one will also find the primary domain name associated with an IP address.
General Internet Information

If you are curious about internet related terms or other information not discussed in Lesson 1, chances are you can find out below.

whatis.techtarget.com -- Contains an explanation for about nearly any internet related term.
www.CNET.com -- A very comprehensive internet and general computer information site.
Test your download speed

These web pages test how fast your computer can load files into your browser over the internet backbone.

www.toast.net/performance -- A nice speed tester with a graphic depiction of your speed. It features the same test from several web servers.
Another speed tester -- I'm not sure if this one is as reliable, but it gives a graphic dipiction as well.

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