Here is the file "dsl.html" for exercises 5 and 6. (Do a save as and then select HTML , source, HTML source, or whatever saves the HTML source file onto your computer. You don't want to save it as a Web archive or something special like that--just the HTML source file.)

Notes: Sometimes named anchors are a bit tricky, especially with all the different browsers. One such case is when you have a named anchor near the bottom of a page. The browser will probably not bring this named anchor to the top of the screen since there is not enough page left to display below the anchor. To combat this problem, I added a bunch of blank lines onto the bottom of the file so that the named anchors near the bottom of the file will still work in any browser. You will no doubt notice this as you edit the file.

Second, some browsers are a little lax at bringing a named anchor to the top if it is already on the screen. That is to say, if you click a link for a named anchor, and that anchor is already in the middle of the screen for example, the browser might not bring it to the top. But I think that most current browser versions have eliminated this problem.