1. I have given you some of the images. For the rest you will have to find something similar. The first set of bullets should be static gif images, while the second set of bullets that look sort of 3-dimensional are animated gifs which spin. The mailbox image should also be an animated gif.
2. The three buttons just below the top banner should be active as links and should point to a site for your favorite sports team, a site for your favorite band, and your favorite search engine.
3. None of the first three bullets need be active as links. However, each of the second three, the spinning bullets, should ba active as a link and should point to the respective meta search engine.
4. The animated mailbox image whould be active as a mailto link which points to your e-mail address.

P.S. You don't have to match the bullets, just find some. Although it would be nice if they match the color scheme to some extent.

Here are some of the images for this exercise.