1. You will have to find suitable images on the web. This shoul not be too hard using your favorite search engine. You do not have to match colors, but create a similar effect. Also, if the Coyote and Road Runner images you find are too large, you can always shrink them using HEIGHT and WIDTH.
2. The heading "ACME Products" you see at the top of the page is not a fancy font, but twelve alphabetic images. In icon libraries, its not too hard to find whole sets of letters in all kinds of fonts. Just download the specific letters you need, place them side-by-side in the page, and you are good to go.
3. Both of the Coyote images and the Road Runner images should be active as links pointing to the site(s) where you found the images. Both of the arrows at the bottom should be active as links pointing to the site where you found them.
4. The mailbox image whould be active as a mailto link which points to your e-mail address.

Hint: Put the Coyote and Road Runner first in the document, one aligned left and the other right. Then put in the Heading and the rest of the stuff.