The top, middle, and bottom values simply align images within lines of text. This one is top-aligned and this one middle-aligned.
Bottom is, of course, the default alignment.
Perhaps more useful is to align an image at the left of the page and let the text flow around it. After all, that's how newspapers do it. It certainly does create a better effect. But, notice how the text is right up against the image. If you don't think it's cool to have text right up against the image, some HSPACE and VSPACE around the image is in order. These attributes simply add a little padding around the image. The values of these two attributes are in pixels, as are the values of HEIGHT and WIDTH. Please note that we're starting to have to include a substantial amount of babble here to get thetext to flow all the way around this image and create the desired spacing effect.

The border attribute can be used to give an image a thin border or a thick border. The values of the BORDER attribute are also in pixels.