Icon and Image Libraries

Free graphics libraries.

CoolArchive -- Good selection of icons and graphics. They even have a free button and logo maker.
Animation City -- Lots of animated GIFs here.
Yahoo's Clip Art Index -- If you can't find what you want starting from Yahoo's index of free icon libraries, you should probably give up.
Freeware/Shareware Graphic Editors

These are small stand-alone applications that you can download and use to manipulate images. The first one is for Macs, and the second one is for PC's. However, if you have access to Adobe Photoshop, that is the way to go.

Graphic Converter -- Macs only! The best shareware image editor for Macs.
Irfan View -- PCs only1! The best rated free image editor for PCs.
GIF Minimizers

These are small stand-alone applications that you can download and use to make GIF images smaller. These will reduce the fie size of most gifs down to 4k-8k. These programs are essential if you want your pages to load quickly. I reduced all of the GIFs on this site using these. While many gifs you get from image libraries have already been reduced, some have not. Especially if you learn how to make your own graphics will these programs be essential.

Image Optomizer -- PCs only from XAT.com. They have a free version, which will get the job done, and a deluxe version that costs money.
GIFPrep -- Macs only! A free easy to use minimizer. Just drag your images onto the icon for the program and the are automatically reduced.

Source Files for Figures
Figure 6.2
Figure 6.4
Figure 6.6
Figure 6.7
Figure 6.9
Figure 6.13
Figure 6.15
Figures as They Appear in the Text

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